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We want this program to be—in a word—accessible. And at $20 USD per course, it's doubtful you'll find a quality Bible education that is more so. Even after adding in book costs and the one-time (per semester) administrative fee, your total per-semester costs will still average only $240 (see breakdown at right). So that means the entire 2-year program will cost less than $1k.

Can't beat that with a stick.

(All fees are listed in USD.)

Course Fee - $20

This fee is charged one time for each course. This works out to five times per semester, so—to make it easy to remember—it is paid on the 1st of every month during the semester (so five times).


Textbooks - $24 (per book average)

This figure applies to the Logos (digital) version of each book. Book costs vary, but $24 is the average per-course cost (Logos format). Note: Many are also available in print form and Kindle, however we strongly encourage our students to learn and invest in a digital Bible, preferably Logos (the same system we ourselves use and teach from). Books are purchased directly from the vendor, not the school.


Administrative Fee - $20

This fee is charged once each semester, payable one week before the first class meeting.


Starting and Ending

At the start, you'll need a digital Bible software app (and a Mac or Windows PC to run it on, of course)*. The most basic version of the Bible software we use and recommend, Logos, is usually available for free. The cost for each volume varies, as mentioned above.

Other than the cost of your textbooks and tuition, the only thing you'll need to shell out money for is your cap and gown at the end of the 2-year program—about $60. At LBIR, we believe hard work (in the form of study) should be a student's main contribution, not money.

* At present, Logos app is not compatible with the Chromebook platform, however the WEB version of Logos,, runs fine (though not quite as fully-featured as the Win/Mac app). See more about minimum system requirements (including browser support) at

Life Bible Institute - Rosarito

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