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Welcome to Life Bible Institute Rosarito!

This is the place where English-speaking Mexico residents can prepare for ministry—online!

Are you considering entering ministry? Are you an English-speaker living in Mexico? Life Bible Institute Rosarito (Vida) offers a remote-learning, very affordable 2-year Christian Leadership program focused on theology and Christian leadership. Courses include surveys of Old and New Testament (and various subgroups), Church history, hermeneutics and doctrine, missions, pneumatology, evangelism, leadership, eschatology, church planting and more. Curriculum is rooted in the Pentecostal-evangelical tradition, guided by Scripture and based in the transformational power of Christian community and relationship. And because our goal is to help students prepare for active ministry, there is more emphasis on discussion, advanced concepts and practical application than what is found in more typical undergraduate programs.

Remote technology allows you to study from anywhere in Mexico, e.g., from the comfort of your own home—all you need is a computer with a broadband internet connection. Tuition is just $20 per course, plus an admin fee of $20 per semester. (Students are also responsible for purchasing their textbooks—see Cost).

So if you live in Mexico, speak/write in English and believe the Lord is calling you to ministry of some kind, LBIR can help you get there. It's easy to get started—just request an application! Or if you have a question, use the simple form at the bottom (blue section) of this page.

Next Up - Fall '24

We are taking applications now for the Fall ’24 cohort (begins Saturday, August 10, 2024). Deadline for application materials is one week prior (August 3, 2024).

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